Internet Key Exchange Version 2 (IKEv2)

A recent CISCO study published in Feb 2016 says that mobile data traffic has grown 4,000-fold over the past 10 years and almost 400-million-fold over the past 15 years. It forecasts that global mobile data traffic will increase nearly eightfold between 2015 and 2020.
Privacy and security become important and complex with the growth in data traffic.
Several Virtual Private Network (VPN) protocols like PPTP, L2TP/VPN, OpenVPN and IKEv2, SSTP, supporting different encryption technologies have evolved over the years. A comparative study of each of them can be found here.

IKEv2 (Internet Key Exchange version 2), referred as VPN Connect by Microsoft, is an IPSec based tunneling protocol that was jointly developed by Microsoft and Cisco. It is one of the few VPN protocols supported by Blackberry devices. Various, largely compatible open source implementations of IKEv2 are available for Linux and other operating systems.

IKEv2 is good at automatically re-establishing a VPN connection when users temporarily lose their internet connections such as entering and leaving an elevator. It supports the Mobility and Multihoming(MOBIKE) protocol, making it highly resilient to changing networks, which is extremely helpful for mobile customers. MOBIKE allows a mobile node encrypting traffic through IKEv2 to change point of attachment while maintaining a VPN session. That is, by using an IKEv2 protocol the user can lose their connection and reconnect to another access point without losing the VPN session! This helps users who switch between WiFi nextwork, hotspots and mobile data.

IKEv2 uses the IPsec Tunnel Mode protocol over UDP port 500, allowing the support for strong authentication and encryption methods. It encapsulates datagrams by using IPsec ESP or AH headers for transmission over the network. The message is encrypted by using encryption keys generated from the IKEv2 negotiation process. It also supports integrity checking algorithms like HMAC. All these things make IKEv2 very highly secure.

IKEv2 is considered at least as good as L2TP/IPsec in terms of security, speed, stability and the ability to establish (and re-establish) a connection.

Draytek routers support LAN to LAN connection (like Microsoft Azure cloud operating system to your network) through a virtual private network (VPN). They also support Host (Windows/Android/iOS) to LAN connection via VPN.

Get technically trained in Open Source IP Telephony – an area in high demand

Practice makes a man perfect. Any person can rise high only if the person has the will and stamina to perform well in the area of work. The question is, how can that perfection be achieved, that is, where can a person get the desired practice? This practice can be well achieved from places which provide the required training in the area in which expertise is required.

What is technical training?

There are a number of institutes providing technical training in a variety of fields. Whether it be training in the air force or technical training in programming languages for application development, one will never fall short of options. A number of technical training institutes are quite efficient in providing training for skill requirements. These acquired skills can then go a long way to avail many opportunities.

A major area to take to get trained in

A major advancement in the area of telephones is the recent asterisk, which is a protocol for better communication. It uses voice over IP so that the cost of communication is remarkably reduced and also made more secure. Voice over IP is an area which has a bright future. With its introduction, it has completely revolutionized the telephone arena. Thus getting a technical training in areas like this will go a long way.

The open source telephony provides a method for custom communication. These reduce the cost of calls by making the crossing over the PSTN to be minimal. In this era, where electronic communication is the basis of many applications, cost reduction in the communication zone is very beneficial and hence in demand. Thus, a number of people are going for training in the asterisk – a major part of voice over IP.

Training is beneficial to the one trained as well as the software

In the technical training, one is taught to develop the software which enables the entire process. The software for efficient communication for voice over IP or open source telephony is quite new and advancements in this field are quite possible. So the larger the number of workers in this area, the better progress it may be able to face. Also, the fact that this is an area which is in high demand, getting a training in this assures one to be important and wanted in major companies.

A person who is technically trained can not only work make updates and modifications on the software but perform good maintenance functions too. The technical training also provides people the knowledge to keep the voice over IP mechanism working well. They can also correct any bugs or problems that may be experienced by its users.

Lastly, a technical training in the field one has interest not only makes the interest grow stronger but gives one an opportunity to work with things which are truly close to one’s heart. In such a case, getting a technical training can change the perspective of a prospective employer. The training will provide proof of the knowledge held by the applicant and the individual’s own interest can take one a long way.

Celebrating Internet Security Month – Here is what you can do to celebrate with us.

June is the Internet Security month and we would like to take this opportunity to make our business users and other users aware about the significance of internet security and how we can take small measure in our day to day life that can protect our personal and business information.

These days everything is going online, our computers, laptops and smartphone have become an essential part of our day to day life. Being connected with internet around the clock can compromise our personal data like passwords, documents and other confidential data about us. Being connected to the internet brings you in touch with people out there , who are waiting for a loop hole to steal your personal identity to a group of people who are out there ready to hack your systems and personal devices for the passwords, documents and other personal data. Most people take internet security very lightly thinking that computers are invisible, but soon as you start using your computer for anything that involves logging onto internet make you an easy prey. So what we can do to keep things safe? We can help you with few things that can help you to figure out things that will help you to be safe and secure.

Below are few tips that you can be followed to make yourself secure and safe online:

Here are few things that you can do to make internet based activates remain safe and secure.

Socializing in a smart way

Starting for sharing picture online to on social media to Snapchats, asking questions on online forms and using thousands of social apps, all are getting well connected and sharing information. Sharing things with care is important. It’s better to avoid sending sensitive and intimate personal information online or via email to anyone whom you consider as friends. Later point they may share your information online creating problems for you. Avoid sharing your information to people whom you don’t know in person. They might be people with fake identity trying to extract information from you, so beware. Interaction with an unknown individual or a group should be handled with at most care.

Gaming Safety for Parents and kids

Nowadays most of the people have gaming consoles in their homes. These consoles are connected with others gamers online. There is a chance that kids can share their personal information to other gamers online. All chat enabled games make other gamers connect with your kids. You should make your kids aware about the risk of sharing information online. Parents can activate parental controls on their consoles to ensure that kids don’t interact and share sensitive information to strangers.

Kids and their smartphone usage

Most of the kids carry smartphone to stay connected to their families at time of emergencies. But all these phones are loaded with apps and games that can knowingly or unknowingly track and read sensitive information like current user location. Parents should make sure that their kids download reputed apps and all sensitive and personal information should be locked by parents using pin or finger prints locks. Parents should frequently have check on contents and activates of the smartphones used by their kids. If possible also install locate and wipe your phone feature that will help to wipe the data on the phone, in case of losing the phone.

Some care for your personal devices and digital etiquettes

There are few things you should do on regular interval to keep your devices up to date and ready to comply with any security threats. Some of the best line of defense are using updated antivirus, updated software and firewalls. Turning on two step authentication for email and social and financial accounts which will provide extra layer of security. Here are some digital etiquettes that will give you some extra security. First step is to have a better password long, combining upper case, lower case and some special characters. Backup data over secure cloud or storage devices will help you to store safely.

We would like to make sure that all our customers and internet users are aware of these steps that will make them secure and safe over internet. Security should be taken as first priority by all the users to make usage of internet a happy experience. So let’s celebrate this internet security month and make everyone around us aware about the significance of security and its importance.

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