Vigor Hotspot solution

Vigor Hotspot solution: Web Captive Portal login (HTTP/ HTTPS)

To track and secure your Wi-Fi Hotspot or visitor network in a centralized way. Based on captive portal technology, Vigor 2960/3900 lets your hotspot user’s login simply by using a web browser. Captive portal is the technology that forces user to see the login page before accessing the Internet. User just needs to access a normal web site (e.g., he will be automatically forced to see the Vigor login page. After entering the correct information, he will be able to surf the Internet normally.

This portal will allow the users to login with their credentials such as User Name and Password, which will be provided by the IT Team. The profiles of users will be created in advance with pre-defined time limits. After the user profiles are created, the same can be printed in the form of a voucher or the same can be exported to CSV file format. These voucher can then be given to the users, who are accessing the internet within your premises.

Vigor Hotspot
Vigor Hotspot

Authentication Methods- Local/Guest/Radius/LDAP/SMS

The Administrator can choose various methods of user authentication as mentioned above. Internal employee’s authentication can be integrated to the LDAP/Radius server and in the event of Guests/customers the authentication can be integrated to the guest profile setting the usage time limits.

Guests/users/customers can be authenticated for the credentials they provide in the form of email and mobile number through SMS authentication method. A report can also be generated on the details of the guests/users/customers on the usage of the internet services at the hot-spot location. SMS gateway/service provider can be customized with the necessary APIs provided by the SMS service provider.

Bulletin board

Bulletin board is available on the portal’s screen welcoming the guests with the information, news, profile or any adverts related to the company.

URL Redirection after login

Once the guest/users have logged into the Vigor Hotspot solution, automatically the pre-defined web/url link will be opened in the browser. This feature can be used for the branding perspectives.

Timed out settings

The active sessions will be timed-out, if the guests/users are idle for more than 10 Mins or so. Guests/Users have to log into the system again. These parameters can be configured in the system as per the company policy.

Whitelist settings

Whitelist functionality will allow the administrator to enable or disable policies that are created in the firewall to block and open web/URL links for Guest/Users Profiles with the pre-defined range of IP-Groups based on the company policies. E.g. for guests, administrator can block sites likes You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and allow the same to the internal users.

Monitor Online status

Status of the Guests/Users can be monitored on the monitor online status page for the number of guests/users, who have logged into hot-spot.

Create Bulk Guest profiles

Vigor Hotspot solution has the capability to create in advance, the bulk guest profiles. Administrator can create 30 profiles/groups. Each profile can carry 255 users, which means 255 Users x 30 Profiles. Administrator can define time-limits for each profile or group in advance for current or forthcoming days/weeks/months/year.

  • Administrator can set usage time and period for the Guest users
  • It is possible to export .csv file to get print
  • Administrator can create multiple guest groups and policy’s

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