DrayTek- One Stop-Shop Solution for all your Networking Needs

To stay connected has become a part of our daily life. Same is the case for people, who want to run their businesses. Networking has now become the primary key for the success of every business. To start a business, it requires investments in networking infrastructure. ICT infrastructure primarily supports the businesses and acts like the backbone, which helps to run and manage the business better. Consistent internet connectivity and network security helps the businesses in all aspects of using business applications such as ERP, CRM, BPM, Warehousing, e-Commerce etc. and VoIP calls, emails and much more. To enable all these feature and to have a reliable infrastructure is where DrayTek plays a significant role.

Some of the Key Feature DrayTek
The features described below will enlighten your understanding and open up avenues for you to understand its effective usage from its technology, features & functions perspectives within your networking infrastructure to manage your business efficiently.

True Redundancy, Guaranteed Internet Access
Everyone wants to run uninterrupted business under any preventing circumstances by having a sustained business continuity and redundancy plan protecting their businesses from any eventualities. DrayTek helps to set up Business Continuity Planning (BCP) so that your business continues even at hard times. It also provides a guaranteed connectivity even at the time of network failures by routing the available network. Apart from BCP, companies must have alternative plans to ensure their business running under the critical times. Such critical situations are achieved in DrayTek by using Fail-Over feature that helps to provide continuous internet connectivity by switching to the available internet connection source at the time of outage. DrayTek also provide Load Balancing feature that helps to manage your network traffic. There is also a custom routing feature available that helps to define your own routing mechanism most suitable for your business.

Security on First Priority
DrayTek takes away all your concerns regarding security. It takes care of all your security needs. It has a comprehensive VPN architecture that deals with all the elements of security making your network very secure. It also has VPN Backup feature that helps to maintain a back-up for all your valuable data. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are becoming more common, this type of attack denies the access to a legitimate users to their respective online services. DrayTek helps you to deal with all these kinds of attack with its own built in mechanism. Web Content Filtering is another feature available that helps the network admin to have a firm grip on controlling the content of data that can be viewed or streamed over the network. DrayTek’s comprehensive Web Content Filtering features allows you to specify exactly what your users/staff can or can’t access. You can prevent all web surfing, allow access only to certain sites, or block specific categories of sites. Different users can have different levels of access and time-schedules can also be applied. Application Filtering is another feature that helps to block unwanted applications that can be used to hamper the security of the network.

Better Customer Experience
Quality of Service for Voice over IP gets improved with DrayTek routers. It gives the flexibility to configure as per the requirement. DrayTek routers comes with tools for easy router setup and network management. It comes with Wireless Access Point Controller and Central Switch Management(CSM). Central VPN Management (CVM) is an easier way to establish and manage VPN connections between several CPE (VPN clients). It allows Administrator on the CVM Router to Set up VPN connections with just one click, Backup and restore CPE configurations, Upgrade firmware for CPE, Manage multiple CPEs simultaneously. ACS-SI Edition is a Central Management System (CMS). It supports all current DrayTek routers and firewalls, providing System Integrators or system administration personnel a real-time integrated monitoring, configuration and management platform.

DrayTek is a perfect option for Small Market Business. This is mainly because of its rich features with outstanding price to performance ratio which makes it the best option to go with for people who are starting a business and also for those holding small business. Another key feature that makes the selling point for DrayTek routers is its easy configuration and management. The end users’ needs only basic computing knowledge to do initial setup and use this device. There is no specialization or certification required to handle the initial setup and configuration of DrayTek routes. The feature packed DrayTek router comes with single license for all the features. There is no per user/per feature licensing cost so its always a good news for small market business users.

DVCOM is a value added distributor for DrayTek routers and other DrayTek networking peripherals in Middle East. It has been there in the market providing all telecommunication solutions for Past 20 years. DVCOM has been networking consultants for many Government projects as well as for the Private Sector Business entities, providing 360 degree solutions and product portfolios. It itself has a range of professional products and services providing assessment, design and implementation of professional IP Communications solutions including Unified Communications (UC) and Converged Communications (CC) for ensuring high availability, reliability, performance, scalability, and manageability within their intranet environments. We at DVCOM understand our customer needs and provide the best solutions that will help them to run their business better. Their success is our success.

7 Key Questions You must answer before moving to VoIP.

The impending ISDN switch-off is now putting the pressure on businesses to transition to all IP telephony. You may have already come across information about the benefits of VoIP, and the great news is that most of the claims you see, if not all of them, are true! VoIP can lower your monthly communications costs by as much as 50% and can greatly improve the way you communicate internally and externally, solving many business communication pitfalls.
The real challenge for you is to decide how to implement IP for your specific needs, and to understand the risks involved and how to handle them. It is important to get all the facts straight about moving to IP so you can ensure a smooth migration instead of an expensive mishap.
We’ve come up with 7 key questions to ask when making your plans to move to all IP.
1. Is your system secure?
You should never have to open holes in your firewall to get VoIP up and running. Ensure your system of choice will be implemented without risk to your network. Once your VoIP system is set up, you should be confident that it is protected from hackers and spyware. Be sure to give high priority to security management.
2. Is your system scalable?
VoIP technology is great for scalability, but you still need to get the basics in order. When your resellers or suppliers ask you about the number of simultaneous calls you expect to receive, they are trying to determine what solutions will best suit your needs. For example, you will need to decide between an SIP trunking plan and a hosted PBX. It is important to know your long term business communication strategy so you can set up the most efficient IP solution.
3. Do you have a disaster recovery plan?
Reliability is essential with any system — especially business VoIP. If you have only one data center and it goes down, or if you have an equipment failure, you will lose your vital voice communications. Having disaster recovery plans in place is always wise.
4. What uptime guarantee does your system have?
If the number is anything less than 99.99%, then you have a problem. 99.99% is equivalent to 52 minutes of annual downtime, and for most businesses, this will be sufficient. Seek a solution that is reliable and able to meet the needs of your business. Remember, your system is only as reliable as its weakest link.
5. What happens if your IP phone is unreachable?
If missing a call can mean a critical loss of business to you, then make sure your system will automatically forward calls to another system. The mobile phone is a commonly used backup. With IP telephony, you can be reached at any time and any place if you properly configure your system. Ensure your solution is set up to provide you with the level of connectivity you need.
6. Are all your existing phone features supported?
IP phones can do so much more than traditional systems, but you need to ensure they do what’s right for your business. What features do you need? Be sure to ask before you choose a VoIP system. Next, make sure everything has been configured correctly and that your staff members have been trained to utilize all features.
7. Which fax services are supported?
Faxing over VoIP can be both challenging and temperamental. If your business regularly utilizes the fax machine, make sure you have a working fax service within your specifications. Some providers offer faxing services, and some systems provide fax to email. Ask about faxing and get any issues resolved before moving to all IP, as this can prevent unexpected problems.

DIGIUM official Asterisk Training and dCAP Certification 2016 in Dubai UAE

DIGIUM (Asterisk Creator Company) has announced the schedule for official and authorized Asterisk Fast Start & Asterisk Advance Training for the year 2016 at DVCOM Training Facility – Located in Dubai UAE. The dCAP (DIGIUM Certified Asterisk Professional) Exam facility is also available and will be held at the end of each Asterisk Advance Training.

For the Complete Training Schedule Please visit the official link below.

DIGIUM Training Schedule. 

To book your training seat please contact DVCOM Training Facility

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