Vigor AP Management

An access point connects users with other users inside a network and it also serves as the point of interconnection between WLAN and fixed wire network. Each access point can serve multiple number of users based on its capacity of operation and range. Managing your access point is very important for having better network quality and coverage.
Usually special type of network peripherals and software’s are used for access point management also known as AP Management. This comes with an extra cost. What if all this come along with a router as a bundle free of licensing cost. Routers like Vigor Routers which are famous in market comes with built-in feature of AP Management. This is a very good news for people who are looking for managing their access points, that too for free of cost and no additional device added to their network. If you see it from a customer or business standpoint this is an added advantage, router and AP management is a single box.

Digitalization has brought lot of change make things available at real-time. This has also created an increased use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices making people more connected and providing quick access to data on the go. Due to the drastic growth of users, many organization and enterprises have to invest lot in their network infrastructure to accommodate new users and to process their request. It’s not as simple as providing connectivity to everyone. There is a high risk of data security, network performance and reliability. All the organizations are trying to meet this requirements without much expense. All this is possible only if the network is managed properly.

Wireless routers are the key component of a wireless network, they are the one really responsible for creating the access point that enables the users to connect their device to the network. Let’s take the example of WIFI network we use at home, in this case there can only be one or two access points that will help the user to connect to the network. This is not the same if we look in to wireless network available at a hospital or a hotel, there will be multiple access point to which hundreds of users will be connected. The complexity of such network is much higher. Higher the complexity, higher is the effort to manage the network. This can only be done with the help of special type of network peripherals or software that helps to monitor the network traffic and load at real-time.
In this guide, we will help you to understand the collaboration between Vigor access points and wireless LAN controllers, and how you can use Vigor’s AP Management features to run maintenance and deployment on your wireless LAN in a cost-effective way.

Deployment of an access point is very challenging if it has many access points associated with it. The task becomes more challenging when the network administrator has to manually configure each access points to the wireless controller. Going to each access points interface and configuring is not a very long task but this can be a problem when any error occur at the time of deployment. The administrator has to visit to each AP interface to troubleshoot the error. This could have been easy for the administrator, if there was any centralized interface to see all the AP configurations on the go and troubleshoot the error.

All this is possible with the Vigor AP Management Router that has the capability to perform centralized discovery of access points in the same layer 2 subnet. All this can be done without making any changes in the settings, out of the box in default state. After the discovery of access points is done, the administrator can assign unique IP address and give name to the devices. All this can be done directly from the Vigor AP management Router interface. Let’s take the case where the AP’s are already having preconfigured and unique IP addresses, the Router can still run a scan and help to discover the access points. This discovery mechanism is of great help and it considerably reduces the initial configuration effort.

Let’s take the case where AP’s are scattered over a larger demography, resulting in long discovery scan time. This can create a larger time gap for the network administrator to make the configuration changes. But with the help of background discovery capability of Vigor wireless controller the administrator can perform other configuration and changing the settings while discovery process is still running. This reduces the waiting time and increase efficiency of work.

  1. Centralized AP discovery by Vigor AP Management Router
  2. After discovery, Aps can be centrally managed by Vigor Management Router

Centralized AP Discovery by Vigor AP Management Router reduces initial deployment time and effort.

Automatic Provisioning

If there are lot of Access Points to be configured at a time and there is very minimal changes in the configuration parameters like the operational frequency, VLAN ID, device name, then a question comes to our mind, can we configure and do the deployment in a go for all the access points? Doing this considerably reduces the time of deployment and make the deployment easy for the administrator. All this is possible by using automatic provisioning. Extending the notion that AP management and deployment should be easy and straight forward process which will directly increase the efficiency and will drastically reduce the cost to the organization. All these features are available in Vigor AP management Routers. They are enabled with the feature of Automatic Provisioning with template based AP configuration. The configuration with the help of AP templates that has lot of parameter like VAP (Virtual Access Point), ESSID and WAP/WAP2 security enabled, the network administrators can quickly complete the deployment for n numbers of AP’s on the go. For setting which may vary from access points to access points like Channel, Operation Mode, Client Limits etc., the Vigor AP management Router provide the freedom to customize each of the AP’s individually during the initial discovery process. In this way it can eliminate the redundant tasks. In this way automatic provision in Vigor AP management Router make your task very easy.

Let’s take the care of network maintenance and some setting changes, in this case also if there is any type of centralized interface like we have in Vigor AP Management Router, then it’s very easy for network administrator to go and change the setting for a particular AP. This mostly helps in the case where you need to change some password for a particular AP due to some security reasons. In this way the AP template available in Vigor AP management Router helps to get things done quickly.

Customized Templates

Support to create multiple templates.


AP Settings|Profile name|Administrator Name|Password|Enable/ disable 2nd subnet

2.4/5G WLAN Settings|Enable/ disable Wireless LAN Profile|Limit Clients

Operation Mode (AP/ Universal repeater mode)|2.4/5G Mode|2.5/5G Channel

Airtime Fairness |Band Steering|Roaming|WMM|Adjust Tx Power

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Why securing your firewall should be the first step towards security?

In real time, a firewall is a wall or a partition designed in a way that it gets closed during the time of fire, helping to contain the fire to a particular area preventing the entire building from a disaster. Likewise your internet firewall closes the access when any malware is detected protecting your computer and your network.
The basic functionality of firewall is to monitor and control the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on the predefined set of rules. In modern world data theft and identity theft is a growing crime and here firewall can act as the first step to make yourself secure. As the technology has evolved there has been drastic growth in both data security and data piracy. Various techniques are been used by attackers to penetrate through your network and expose the data on the devices connected over the network. Setting up basic firewall configuration is the first step the user can perform to make the data secure, but this is not the end. There should be additional measures that should be taken to have a concrete security and data privacy.

At an enterprise level, there may be a dedicated team to handle and take care of their network security, but for Small Office Home Office business users this may not be the case. For them all this can be achieved by using some advance network peripherals that are available in the market that have the latest security features that will help you to make your data and device more secure. DrayTek routers have some advance features that can be used by Small Office Home Office users to secure their network and devices. Some of the features are like IP filtering, this helps the user to filter out and provide access to only to the devices who’s IP address is registered. Content security management (CSM) is another feature which helps to manage and restrict data that can be shared or viewed by other users. Let’s take the example of E-mail, most of the organizations use CSM to restrict the users in the organization from sending E-mail to anybody outside the organization. Some other features are like MAC filtering which help to filter and provide access to devices for which the MAC address is registered. In this way by using the features available on the network peripherals can help users to make their network secure and filter out unwanted access from unknown host.

Security must be the top priority of any organization or a normal end users. It’s always better to take precautions and be prepared, than panicking after the damage is done.

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