Get technically trained in Open Source IP Telephony – an area in high demand

Practice makes a man perfect. Any person can rise high only if the person has the will and stamina to perform well in the area of work. The question is, how can that perfection be achieved, that is, where can a person get the desired practice? This practice can be well achieved from places which provide the required training in the area in which expertise is required.

What is technical training?

There are a number of institutes providing technical training in a variety of fields. Whether it be training in the air force or technical training in programming languages for application development, one will never fall short of options. A number of technical training institutes are quite efficient in providing training for skill requirements. These acquired skills can then go a long way to avail many opportunities.

A major area to take to get trained in

A major advancement in the area of telephones is the recent asterisk, which is a protocol for better communication. It uses voice over IP so that the cost of communication is remarkably reduced and also made more secure. Voice over IP is an area which has a bright future. With its introduction, it has completely revolutionized the telephone arena. Thus getting a technical training in areas like this will go a long way.

The open source telephony provides a method for custom communication. These reduce the cost of calls by making the crossing over the PSTN to be minimal. In this era, where electronic communication is the basis of many applications, cost reduction in the communication zone is very beneficial and hence in demand. Thus, a number of people are going for training in the asterisk – a major part of voice over IP.

Training is beneficial to the one trained as well as the software

In the technical training, one is taught to develop the software which enables the entire process. The software for efficient communication for voice over IP or open source telephony is quite new and advancements in this field are quite possible. So the larger the number of workers in this area, the better progress it may be able to face. Also, the fact that this is an area which is in high demand, getting a training in this assures one to be important and wanted in major companies.

A person who is technically trained can not only work make updates and modifications on the software but perform good maintenance functions too. The technical training also provides people the knowledge to keep the voice over IP mechanism working well. They can also correct any bugs or problems that may be experienced by its users.

Lastly, a technical training in the field one has interest not only makes the interest grow stronger but gives one an opportunity to work with things which are truly close to one’s heart. In such a case, getting a technical training can change the perspective of a prospective employer. The training will provide proof of the knowledge held by the applicant and the individual’s own interest can take one a long way.

Yealink HD Video Conferencing — VC120 now available with 12X Camera from 2016 Q2

VC120, now available with 12X camera Video Conferencing System.
Look of the Camera changes in this model, and better price to position to end users against VC400.

1. VC120, is similar to VC400 in hardware specification.
2. But, VC120 now support 12x & 18x camera as point to point.
3. VC120 can be upgrade.

Q&A for your reference

Q1: How does VC120 upgrade to 8-way?
A1: Update the firmware to V21 and import the license.
Q2: If VC120 upgrade to 8-way, is the same function as VC400?
A1: Yes.
Q3: What’s the difference between VC400 and upgraded VC120?
A3: Camera. VC400’s is 18X while VC120’s is 12X.
Q4: When will new VC120 available?
A4: It’s available now.
Q5: Will the VC120 have a wireless micpod available like the VC110
A5: Yes. VC120 can be used with wireless micpod. But VC120 is aimed at bigger meeting room. Wireless micpod is not good enough for bigger meeting room.
Q6: Will your Yealink intergate with Neets control systems?
A6: For now, Yealink can be integrated with Crestron and AMX. Other control systems are not on our plan yet.
Q7: So, the old VC120 will be replaced by the 12X version? or will they exist in parallell?
A7: No, the old one will also be in the market.
Q8: Will VC400 be available still?
A8: Yes.
Q9: Can you use cable and wireless microphones at the same time with VC endpoints?
A9: No, you can’t use VCS phone and wireless microphone at the same time.
Q10: When Yealink Cloud will be officialy released?
A10: At end of June, we’ll hold a training session about Yealink cloud. We’ll give the release date in the training.
Q11: Will the older VC120 codec be able to upgrade to 8-way?
A11: Yes. All VC120 codec can upgrade.
Q12: VC120-12X-Phone by default how many concurrent video calls It will support?
A12: By default, VC12-12X only support 1-way video call.
Q13: On the wired mic, is there a limit in the distance you can run the RJ-45 network cable?
A13: For this, we don’t have the limited distance of network cable. But 20 or 30 meters will be OK.
Q14: On the iOS mobile client, will you only be able to receive content or will you be able to send content from an iOS device as well?
A14: It only can receive the content, can’t send it.
Q15: Will the Yealink VCS units ever natively integrate with Lync or Skype for Business?
A15: For now, we don’t plan to integrate with lync or Skype for business.
Q16: Is there a wireless mics?
A16: Yes, VCM60 is wireless mic.
Q17: Can we swap some of our VC400 out for VC120?
A17: Please consult with Yealink sales.
Q18: When we have a new price list for this new products?
A18: About price list, please consult with Yealink sales.
Q19: Is possible combine the VC110 microphone with other models?
A19: All microphones, VCP41, VCP40, VCM30 and VCM60, they can be used with all Yealink VC endpoints.
Q20: Does the new unit have 2 x HDMI outpust like the VC400?
A20: Yes, new VC120 has 2 HDMI outputs.
Q21: What video definition for 8-way call in VC120 ?
A21: For 8-way, it’s 720P, both VC120 and VC400.
Q22: VC110 model remains the same ?
A22: Yes, VC110 stays same.
Q23: New VC120 support G.729?
A23: No.
Q24: New camera can be installed upsidedown?
A24: Yes.

DIGIUM Authorized Asterisk Training in Dubai UAE.

asterisk fast start advance dcap training

Asterisk is the world most popular and widely adopted open source telephony platform. It enables businesses to reduce cost on IP telephony and contact centers with maximum ROI.

Asterisk is also known as Swiss army knife or Lego building block that means its more than just a PBX – (Private Branch Exchange). It is used to develop any kind of telephony application with easy interface to any third party application like CRM or ERP. Integrating telephony with CRM or ERP increases the employee productivity.

Further, Asterisk can be integrated to any RDBMS – (Relational Database) to build a self-service phone system that eliminates the human latency while delivering services via phone system.

Asterisk is also widely used in ITSP – (Internet Telephony Service Provider) as soft switch and connects millions of callers daily.

To be able to use Asterisk more productively. One should have good understanding of Asterisk architecture and its core. Gaining insight knowledge of asterisk with practical experience is not possible without quality professional training.

Keeping in view regional demand for quality professional training. DVCOM provides DIGIUM – (Creator of asterisk) authorize training program for Asterisk. The training program is authorized by DIGIUM and offers the Asterisk fast start and Asterisk advance training with dCAP (DIGIUM Certified Asterisk Professional) exam facility.

For more information on these training, please contact DVCOM Training Dept.

Phone: +971-4-8873370