How Vendor Sponsorship Helps in Building Brands

DVCOM Brand Building Program (BBP) in its uniqueness choses the right alliances with vendors with long term visions and commitment for long haul. There are three key factors that are significantly important for the vendor, which are; Brand Emotion, Brand Experience and Brand Exposure.(3E)

Brand Emotion

Vendor sponsorship plays a key role in building their Brand equity in the region through various brand building initiatives in reaching out to the right audience. The emotional associations driven by the functional characteristics of the Brand is important for it to live and shine. Brand lives longer and survives with its leadership, vision, local & global presence and acceptance. Sponsorship often provides a unique and effective vehicle for developing the much needed associations and collaborations. Brand building at emotional level helps the vendor to contemplate its positioning strategy in connecting with the right audience at the right time. Right partnership alliances is the key to the gateway of success. Larger the association is, the wider the brand reach.

Brand Experience

Brand experience proves the brand excellence. Therefore, vendors sponsoring the market events enhances the brand experience for the larger audience to witness its worthiness creating ample result oriented prospective opportunities.  Through the vendor’s sponsorship initiatives, the associated partner community gets hugely benefitted with unparalleled rewarding incentives, which is a booster to the business.

DVCOM has been hosting such events regularly each year and; one such event is DrayTek Channel Champ jointly organized under the sponsorship of DrayTek.  DrayTek Channel Champ event invites all the associated partners to receive the rewards and awards for their annual performance. During the event, the new product launch is also displayed for partners to witness the avenues to design business specific solutions for complex environments maximizing the end users benefits and the profits. Partners are also trained during such events on the new launch enabling them to explore new and unexplored prospects to position the solutions effectively. Yealink Marathon is also one such event organized jointly by Yealink and DVCOM to do a virtual run to enhance the sales.

Brand Exposure

Brand exposure is achieved through marketing initiatives, Social Media campaigns, special sales offers, partner training programs, partner award ceremonies, brand promotional joint events at partner-distributor level, which are the key strategic brand exposure activities.

Determining, how the brand exposure awareness has impacted the targeted audience, it is imperative to conduct pre-post surveys to understand, if the various events and activities have been resourceful and informative from the business solution perspectives. A new product launch and its unique proposition can add lot of value for partners to identify and capitalize new opportunities.

Therefore, a new product technology will reflect vendor’s innovation strengthening the value proposition of a brand benefitting the audience, it is being designed for. Vendor’s sponsorship is a powerful source, which opens up the avenues for PR, print media coverage as the best ways and mean for a maximum outreach.

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