Building and Managing Brands

Brand Leadership

DVCOM Brand Management includes: Conceptualization of ‘Brand Architecture” – how multiple brands relate to each other –and their insights into the ever-changing dynamics in MENA market.
We do intelligent guidance techniques with Brand Leadership which is the visionary key to business success in the future.


Communication and other brand-building programs are needed to realize the brand identity. Partner Programs and Training not only enables brand identity but also help define it. Having execution elements pre-defined with vendors/suppliers will make strategies more clear and provide confidence to the partners that strategies are achievable.
Brilliant Execution plan is the task of the Distributor which creates an impact over time. There is a difference between good and brilliant. The problem, of course is that there is a lot good around and little brilliance. The challenge is to be noticed, to be remembered, to change perceptions, to reinforce attitudes and to create deep customer relationships. Good execution rarely moves the needle unless a good MDF is allocated from the Vendor side.
Brilliant execution requires right marketing tools. These tools are often more than just advertising. Sometimes advertising plays a small role or even no role. One key is to access alternative media. All the communication channel should be synergistic and consistent on strategy.
Successful brand building program involves measurement. Without measurement, budgets become arbitrary and program cannot be evaluated. So the key is – indicators that tap all dimensions of brand equity: brand awareness, perceived quality, VAR/SI’s loyalty and associations that include brand personality as well as organizational and attribute associations.
Relying on Short term financial indicators alone is a recipe for BRAND EROSION rather than BRAND BUILDING.
Vendors who are particular about BRAND EQUITY may contact:

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