DVCOM region’s first WebRTC based Contact Center Solution Provider.

The webRTC is the new trend in communication. It utilizes web browser to make audio/video calls. Currently the well supported browsers for webRTC are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The advantage of utilizing webRTC is to have a smooth communication in call center without installing additional plugins or license soft phone  in agents computers. This also become cost effective and handy, in case if you lost the soft phone licence or PC get formatted etc. You need to re-purchase/re-install the soft phone license where as utilizing webRTC all such concerns are eliminated.

DVCOM Tech is the official Digium (creator of Asterisk) distributor in the MENA region that brought asterisk officially to the region provides open source asterisk based call center solutions in collaboration with Queuemetrics world’s most popular and widely adopted call center statistics application for asterisk from Loway Research.


The latest version of Queuemetrics has embedded the webRTC in the agent screen panel that becomes very handy and productive during call center operation for the agents. It has also inbuilt capability to integrate any web based CRM or custom CRM.

Integrate the ZOHO CRM to Asterisk.

The Asterisk is able to integrate with Zoho CRM  using PhonebBridge application developed by Zoho Team.

It requires the JDK (Java Development Kit) to be installed on asterisk running machine and configure the AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface) to work.







It helps to call directly from the Zoho CRM to any phone number and can save the call logs /description.
Very useful for the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) users to save a lot of time when making calls to the client/customers.

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DIGIUM Authorized Asterisk Training in Dubai UAE.

asterisk fast start advance dcap training

Asterisk is the world most popular and widely adopted open source telephony platform. It enables businesses to reduce cost on IP telephony and contact centers with maximum ROI.

Asterisk is also known as Swiss army knife or Lego building block that means its more than just a PBX – (Private Branch Exchange). It is used to develop any kind of telephony application with easy interface to any third party application like CRM or ERP. Integrating telephony with CRM or ERP increases the employee productivity.

Further, Asterisk can be integrated to any RDBMS – (Relational Database) to build a self-service phone system that eliminates the human latency while delivering services via phone system.

Asterisk is also widely used in ITSP – (Internet Telephony Service Provider) as soft switch and connects millions of callers daily.

To be able to use Asterisk more productively. One should have good understanding of Asterisk architecture and its core. Gaining insight knowledge of asterisk with practical experience is not possible without quality professional training.

Keeping in view regional demand for quality professional training. DVCOM provides DIGIUM – (Creator of asterisk) authorize training program for Asterisk. The training program is authorized by DIGIUM and offers the Asterisk fast start and Asterisk advance training with dCAP (DIGIUM Certified Asterisk Professional) exam facility.

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