Why securing your firewall should be the first step towards security?

In real time, a firewall is a wall or a partition designed in a way that it gets closed during the time of fire, helping to contain the fire to a particular area preventing the entire building from a disaster. Likewise your internet firewall closes the access when any malware is detected protecting your computer and your network.
The basic functionality of firewall is to monitor and control the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on the predefined set of rules. In modern world data theft and identity theft is a growing crime and here firewall can act as the first step to make yourself secure. As the technology has evolved there has been drastic growth in both data security and data piracy. Various techniques are been used by attackers to penetrate through your network and expose the data on the devices connected over the network. Setting up basic firewall configuration is the first step the user can perform to make the data secure, but this is not the end. There should be additional measures that should be taken to have a concrete security and data privacy.

At an enterprise level, there may be a dedicated team to handle and take care of their network security, but for Small Office Home Office business users this may not be the case. For them all this can be achieved by using some advance network peripherals that are available in the market that have the latest security features that will help you to make your data and device more secure. DrayTek routers have some advance features that can be used by Small Office Home Office users to secure their network and devices. Some of the features are like IP filtering, this helps the user to filter out and provide access to only to the devices who’s IP address is registered. Content security management (CSM) is another feature which helps to manage and restrict data that can be shared or viewed by other users. Let’s take the example of E-mail, most of the organizations use CSM to restrict the users in the organization from sending E-mail to anybody outside the organization. Some other features are like MAC filtering which help to filter and provide access to devices for which the MAC address is registered. In this way by using the features available on the network peripherals can help users to make their network secure and filter out unwanted access from unknown host.

Security must be the top priority of any organization or a normal end users. It’s always better to take precautions and be prepared, than panicking after the damage is done.

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